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My name is Ralf Willenbrock, the responsible editor of this web-portal.

After studying Physics, Mathematics and Modern Literature at Freie University in Berlin (Germany), I obtained a Diploma in Physics 1995. Since then, I have been working as project and business development manager for Siemens, Volkswagen and Deutsche Telekom. Since 2007, I am heading a team of experts and engineers in Beijing working in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems using Satellite Navigation Systems (GNSS) and advanced telecommunication.

The idea for this web-portal came, after working closely with European Space Agency (ESA) and European Commission in the field of low orbit satellite earth observation (EO) and GNSS. The intention of the portal is to create a “Science Vision” Journal, collecting ideas for future space missions faster-than-standard-light, a must for serious inter-plenatary or, even worse, inter-galactical space flights travelling distances, yet unreachable for existing space engines.

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