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Gliese 667 Cc - simulation of sun rise


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The images shown, are arificial impressions of the supposed nearest exoplanet Gliese 667 Cc with its solar centre Gliese C in Scorpius constellation. It is said that this exoplanet fulfills many of the requirements which would have to be necessary for civilisations from Earth live on such exoplanet. It is said that this planet could host biological life.

Nevertheless, it should not be forgotten that the supposed distance is published as 22 light-years. Thus, space missions with traditional combustion engines and speed ranges of maximum 0.01% light speed would need 10000 times longer than 22 years to travel such distances. Therefore, new space mission concepts have to be developed, applying quantum-engineering technologies as already usual in other areas of Physics, i.e. Bio-Physics, Laser Research and Particle Accelerators.



Vision of an exoplanet, seen with eyes from home planet Earth

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