Laser Engines

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Pulse Lasers are very well studied, as many of telecommunication systems rely on optical frequency modulations, e.g. fiber optics. Over the last years, pulse lasers were also used for high-energy nuclear fusion experiments and a lot of progress was made in field of laser particle accelerators. Here, one could imagine future nano space vessels, accelerated by pulse laser systems. Such ultra-light object, e.g. coin like space vessels, are probably much easier to “speed up” than heavy payloads. In especially with regards to exo-planetary space missions, these type of nano space shuttle are the only way to establish long term out of Earth space stations.

From space research point of view, this idea was expressed by a Chinese Professor from space research by the famous sentence:

Instead of bringing objects from A to B, just bring the images of these objects from A to B.

In order to do so, the first challenge exists in downscaling objects to very small sizes, e.g. in ranges of microgram or nano scales. From there, objects should be digitized and transformed into information, which means they are no longer materialized in kilograms of matter, but they are encrypted and encoded in small information codes, like a hard disk which contains all information code to set up “biological copies from Life-on-Earth”, which can be planted  on far away Exo-Planets.

To suggest some milestones of developing such laser propulsion for long-distance space missions, one finds:

1. Select Exo-Planets, which might have organic conditions for establishing Earth like biological living farms and civilisations. As space missions to these Exo-Planets will take long time with traditional propulsion techniques, a smart mix has to be defined of applied laser propulsion and combustion missions.

2. Genetic information of humanoids or human like biological beings has to be downsized to CD level with special consideration of temperature resistance.

3. Very flat and extremely light and coin like space vessels have to be designed which include microchip electronics and biological micro existences.

4. Very efficient isolator system has to be operated in the space station and then Exceller rate and crime like phone with an extreme powerful laser beam.

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